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Helsinki Cafés

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Helsinki cafés aim to please one's taste buds and aesthetics.

Helsinki has an iconic and adorable Cafés. Helsinki cafés are the go to go place for Coffee lovers. One gets to savour their taste buds with the traditional Finnish filter coffee, the brewing of the local roasters, the latest specialities and the Finnish coffee trends.

The aesthetics make you experience the classic continental vibes to eclectic flea market style to romantic Boho chic. One must “to do” thing in the bucket list in Nordic Delights should be café hopping in the capital of Finland. Spending a full day on walking tours in Helsinki exploring different cafés is especially easy and can never be monotonous or boring because, besides great coffee, most cafés offer tasty delicacy and finest of deserts.

Café Regatta

This café is a little red hut on the seashore and a fireplace in winter. It’s truly a special café – like a summer cottage and serves freshly baked Finnish buns and variety of pies like Blueberry pie, Karelian pie, Cinnamon pie with hot chocolate or coffee. It is situated close by to the Sibelius Park.

Café Roots

This Vegan Café is also a yoga studio – and you can buy a not-so-expensive day pass if this sport is your passion! They serve delicious speciality coffees like turmeric and red beet lattes and have delicious homemade chia pudding. The atmosphere is cosy and trendy.

Café Ekberg

Ekberg is the oldest cafe in Finland. The location on Bulevardi street is beautiful and close to the city centre. It’s one of the most popular cafés among the local. They bake, the finest in capital from cakes to cookies and even the bread served here is nothing but delicious.

Allas sea Pool café and terrace

Looking for a place to grab a drink or chill over a cup of coffee in the capital?

Well, there can be no better place than Allas sea Pool café and terrace, with its amazing location and view by the sea pool surrounded by Sauna. This place full of great vibes and can effortlessly lift one’s mood. infinity pool

Frazer café

Last but not the list, do not leave Helsinki without visiting the Frazer Café. It’s the best chocolate company in Finland. Here you get to enjoy the taste of different variants of Geisha Chocolate Latte. One can also feast on finely baked cheesecakes and chocolate cakes. The highlight of the café would be they give a chocolate-free with their beverages.

Isn’t that amazing? Then what are you waiting for?

Come visit Finland on Nordics tour to experience and explore Northern Europe the honeymoon destination.


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