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Old Town Tallinn

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Tallinn,the capital and the cultural hub of Estonia.

It’s a remarkably well-preserved medieval city, complete with ancient city walls made of limestone a picturesque town hall and brightly coloured buildings lining cobbled streets.

Old town Tallinn

Get charmed by the Cobblestone Old Medieval city.

Cobblestone Old Town Tallinn

Relish the fairy-like photographic opportunities through the cultural richness you can find in its museums and to a wealth of culinary experiences.

On your arrival to Tallinn, the first few things that you fall in love with are the colourful houses, quaint architecture and distinctive medieval streets.

But as the famous saying goes old is gold, Tallinn despite being an old town is the most digitally developed country in Europe. Oh, right before I forget they produce Vana Tallinn, great liquor and a must-try in this honeymoon destination.

Delicious Pancakes

In the old city

Tallinn’s old stone town is just marvellous! One can walk and explore the cobblestone paths on Tallinn’s narrow streets, starting at medieval cathedrals and sunny squares full of people. And it isn’t all about just walk also about strolling the countless restaurants and savouring a variety of local food. It gets all the more interesting during Christmas.

St, Oalf 's Church

Catch a glimpse of the city.

After wandering those pretty streets of the Old City, you would love to catch a glimpse of the whole city on a Nordics tour.

To begin with.....

St. Olaf’s Church

Head to St. Olaf’s Church and reach the end after a climb of some steps, but I can assure the climb is worth all the pain. As on arrival awaits the magnificent view of the whole city.