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Like a Local, when in Helsinki

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Travel like a local in Helsinki

On arrival in the old town of Helsinki, you would see the epicentre of life and commerce in town and veritable landmark of Helsinki as a whole at the port area.

Helsinki is surrounded by the sea to the South. The city area includes around 300 islands, many of which can be reached by ferries. Some of you can even walk to over bridges and enjoy the Nordic Delights. The harbour and the market square offers a delightful cup of famous Finnish coffee.

White Cathedral , Helsinki

Icon Of Helsinki

White Cathedral, Helsinki also called Tuomiokirkko is one of the most popular tourist attractions. It's a big, white and very historical, beautiful church. The green domes of this white-walled Evangelical Lutheran Church that towers over Senate Square in the centre of town are one of Helsinki’s best-known landmarks. It has become the symbol of the whole of Helsinki.

Suomenlinna Sea Fortress

The Sea Fortress OF Helsinki

Explore the 18th century Suomenlinna Sea fortress of Helsinki, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of Finland’s most popular sights. Suomenlinna comprises of six islands and is only a very short ferry crossing away from Helsinki. King’s Gate and Suomenlinna’s cannons are its most well-known symbol. You can enjoy several cafés and restaurants on Suomenlinna island.

Explore the Museums

Amos Rex

Amos Rex is an underground art museum named after publisher and arts patron Amos Anderson located in Helsinki. The roof of the new gallery is formed by a series of domes with angled roof lights that frame views of the surrounding buildings and allow exhibitions to be lit with natural light if the curators choose. A new art museum in the heart of Helsinki, Amos Rex is more: the museum creates a novel urban landscape with a thrilling and empowering public space.


Kiasma The Museum Of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, is the number one contemporary art museum in Finland. A museum with carefully choreographed outward views and formally irregular gallery spaces. Its site in the centre of Helsinki is a focal point between several notable structures like the Finnish Parliament building is directly adjacent to the museum’s west.

Visit the Church

Uspenski Cathedral

In the city get awestruck seeing the Uspenski Cathedral. Built like a Russian Orthodox church in 1868, it features classic golden onion domes with the eye-catching red-brick Uspenski Cathedral towers above Katajanokka island and now serves as the Finnish Orthodox congregation. There are several beautiful icons on display in this cathedral. They also happen to be quite valuable as art antiquities awaits your arrival.

The Rock Church

The famous “Rock Church” is the most recognizable landmark in the Etu-Töölö district and one of the most popular architectural attractions in Helsinki. Helsinki has many beautiful churches where you can get a visual experience of the rich intrigue architecture. One can admire the wide range of styles throughout the year.

Sibelius Monument

Sibelius Moments

The Sibelius Monument by Eila Hiltunen is dedicated to the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. On walking tours in Helsinki explore the Sibelius monument located at the Sibelius Park in the district of Töölö in Helsinki.

The monument is one of Helsinki's most popular statues and one of the most well-known tourist attractions.

Löyly a public Sauna

An Urban Oasis

Löyly, an urban oasis occupying a stretch of beautiful Helsinki waterfront, offers a warm welcome and many delights for locals and visitors alike. On a beautiful summer’s day, the terrace is the place to be and Saunas are available daily.

Saunas are a Finnish steam bath in which the steam is provided by water thrown on hot stones in a bathhouse or room.

While you relax you can drink, snack and socialize. Löyly has a terrace which looks out to the Baltic Sea, the building offers saunas, a restaurant and bar serving Finnish food and is a fine example of Eco-friendly and contemporary wooden architecture

Fall in love with the vibrant and exciting city of Helsinki making it one of the most loved honeymoon destination. Explore the streets and experience on a Nordics tour.


Explore Helsinki

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