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Explore Helsinki

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Tiptoe to the Finn’s Land and experience beauty

Helsinki is the capital city of Finland. Helsinki offers travellers Nordic delights with its Sea facing landscape, diverse architecture, world-famous design and delicious Nordic cuisine.

The  Helsinki Cathedral by Carl Ludvig Engel, services and is one of the most popular tourist sights. The church is part of Helsinki's Empire era centre and a landmark for those arriving by sea, rising on the northern side of the Senate Square and is the stage of national and academic festive. It has become the symbol of the whole of Helsinki.
The iconic Helsinki Cathedral at the Senate Square

Is your checklist even complete if a trip to Helsinki isn’t on your list?

Cityscape of Helsinki

The vibrant and exciting Helsinki attracts travellers to experience the beauty which is also known as “Europe’s best-hidden secret”.

Helsinki is a travellers friend. In the capital, one would enjoy exploring on foot and many reputable restaurants and cafes at the capital await to be explored.

Walking Tour

Stroll the city

Walking tours in Helsinki are one of the most preferred and relished ways of exploring the capital. The distinct and charming atmosphere and a particular finesse make it unique. The exclusive architecture that is a fine mixture of Scandinavian, art nouveau and modernist stylist is a must to experience in your Nordic tour.

The pallet of seasonal colours: fluctuating between vivid summer greens, intense Baltic blues and the crystalline white of Nordic winter is a one of a kind experience in this popular honeymoon destination.


Explore Helsinki

Visit Finland

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