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Backpack Scandinavia 
Backpackers Tour

11 Days | 10 Nights

Stay in hostels near to city-centre

Flåm Railway,Gudvagen Fjord cruise

Baltic Cruises

5 European Countries, 7 Cities


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 Starting From  € 1,290  per adult

Welcome to Nordic Delights


This is a backpacking tour and on this tour, you will meet new people and will get to explore 5 Scandinavian countries and 7 cities in Northern Europe. You will be provided with a certified tour guide who will accompany you throughout the tour. Your stay will be facilitated in hostels in the heart of the town. On this tour sightseeing and transfer expenses are covered and you'll be exploring finest of  Scandinavian cultures and traditions. 


The tour is designed for travel enthusiasts who love exploring cities on the go and are excited about experiencing the vivid culture and traditions like a local in a foreign land. Stay in hostels in the capital cities and countrysides, where you'll be experiencing the beauty of nature and embrace art and heritage.

Uncover the beauty of the Nordic cities and start exploring from Copenhagen. Copenhagen is a striking city drenched in history and culture with world-class institutions, renowned restaurants and must-visit historic landmarks.

You will then be exploring Norway, one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Oslo the capital city of Norway. enjoy exploring the hub of cultural attractions, its stunning harbourside Opera House, medieval castle Akershus fortress and the world's largest sculpture park, the Vigeland Frogner Park. In the countries' encompassing mountains and deep coastal fjords, you will be able to experience the most scenic Flåm rail journey in tranquillity. Treat your eyes with the beauty of nature as you sail from Flåm to Gudvagen, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Visit the Bergenhus fortress located at the entrance of Bergen harbour. The castle is one of the oldest and best-preserved stone fortifications in Norway.  You can enjoy a funicular ride to Mount Fløyen and catch a panoramic view of the city.

On arrival in Stockholm, Sweden, you will get to explore  Kungsträdgården one of Stockholm’s oldest public parks, see rows of pink trees forming a gorgeous cotton-candy canopy, experience the charm of Stockholm at Gamla Stan the city’s old town with cobbled streets and colourful 17th- and 18th-century buildings and explore Sergels Torg to experience the modern Swedish architecture where you can have fun shopping.

On your arrival at Helsinki, you get to stroll the city and experience some of the finest architectural wonders in the world in the cities icon The White Cathedral and the Rock church then on a boat, you will sail to Suomenlinna Islands, where the inhibited sea fortress awaits your arrival. The Suomenlinna Sea Fortress is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the battles it has witnessed. After strolling on the island it is possible to take a refreshing swim in the cool water.

On a day trip to the medieval Old Town of Tallinn, Estonia which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site you get to relish flavours of ancient times and experience-rich heritage and culture. On a walking tour, you will explore the cobblestone streets and 8th century Old Town Tallinn and catch glimpses of the medieval times.



Arrival at Copenhagen, Overnight in Copenhagen

We welcome you to Copenhagen check-in at the hostel

On a walking tour explore Nyhavn harbour fairytale view

Visit the Little Mermaid, a bronze statue depicting a mermaid becoming human. It is displayed on a rock by the waterside

 Enjoy exploring the Strøget, one of Europe's longest pedestrian-only shopping streets


Day in Copenhagen, Overnight Cruise to Oslo

✯ Visit Rundetaarn or the Round Tower, an iconic astronomical observatory in Copenhagen

✯ Check out from the hostel

✯ Sail on a cruise to Oslo

✯ Experience mesmerizing sunset on the deck 


Arrival in Oslo , Overnight in Oslo

✯ Arrival in Oslo and check-in at the hostel

✯ Explore the Hovedøya island, close to  the city centre, with beautiful forests, beaches and cultural heritage

✯ Visit the city hall and explore the art gallery presented by famous Norwegian artists

✯ Visit the royal residence Akershus Fortress a medieval castle in the Norwegian capital 


Day in Oslo , Overnight in Oslo

✯ Visit the Vigeland Frogner Park, the world's largest sculpture park made by a single artist 

✯ Get mesmerized seeing the famous Oslo Opera House

✯ Explore Oslo on your own


Oslo to Flåm by rail, Arrival in Flåm, Overnight in Flåm

Check-out from the hostel

Rail transfer from Oslo to Flåm via Myrdal, a scenic train journey

Experience the most scenic journey in Europe on a train from Myrdal to Flåm

✯ Arrival in Flåm, check-in at the hostel.

✯ A mesmerizing Fjord cruise from Flåm to Gudvangen a UNESCO World Heritage Site


Flåm to Bergen by rail, Arrival in Bergen, Overnight in Bergen

✯ Check-out the hostel

✯ A scenically beautiful train journey through the Fjords to Bergen.

✯ Arrival in Bergen, check-in the hostel.

✯ You explore the gorgeous city of Bergen with a Fløibanen funicular ride or you can hike for a panoramic view of the city from the Mount Fløyen

✯ You will then visit the Bergenhus fortress located in the very centre of Bergen. Bergenhus Fortress is one of the oldest and best-preserved fortresses in Norway.


Bergen to Stockholm by flight, Arrival in Stockholm, Overnight in Stockholm

Check-out the hostel.

Flight to Stockholm

Arrival in Stockholm, check-in the hostel 

✯ Kungsträdgården one of Stockholm’s oldest public parks, see rows of pink trees forming a gorgeous cotton-candy canopy

✯ Explore Gamla Stan. The bustling, compact island of Gamla Stan is the city’s old town, with cobbled streets and colourful 17th- and 18th-century buildings.

✯ Head towards Sergels Torg to explore the modern Swedish architecture where you can do some shopping


Sightseeing in Stockholm, Overnight cruise to Helsinki

Explore Stockholm on your own

✯ Check-out the hostel

Sail on a cruise to Helsinki

✯ Experience mesmerizing sunset on the deck 


Arrival in Helsinki, Sightseeing in Helsinki, Overnight in Helsinki

Check-in the hostel.

✯ Visit the famous Helsinki Market Square and the Helsinki Cathedral the iconic symbol of the city of Helsinki

Visit the unique Rock Church which is carved out of a hill

Enjoy the pleasant environment of Helsinki walking the cobbled streets of Helsinki

✯ Sail to Suomenlinna Islands which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Get to know about the history of The Sea Fortress which saw several battles



Cruise to Tallinn, Day tour in Tallinn , Overnight in Helsinki

✯ Sail on a cruise to Tallinn

✯ Arrival in Tallinn

✯ On a walking tour live a fairytale in the medieval Old Town of Tallinn and explore the cobbled streets 

Visit the Toompea hill a limestone hill in the central part of the city and catch one of the best views of the city from Kohtuotsa Viewing Platform

Visit the Alexander Nevsky cathedral an orthodox cathedral built in a typical Russian Revival style 

Cruise back to Helsinki

Enjoy a traditional Finnish sauna experience in SompaSauna


Flight back home from Helsnki

Check-out the hostel

✯ Head to the Vantaa Airport Helsinki Airport to bid adieu to the Nordic

Visit 5 European countries

In this trip you get to explore 5 European countries, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Estonia and Finland.

Flåm to Myrdal Railway most picturesque rail journey

Journey through some of Norway's most breathtaking landscapes in one of the most picturesque train journeys in the world. View the stunning scenery with deep blue fjords, flowing waterfalls, and sharp, snow-capped mountains that tower high above the water.

Flåm to Gudvagen fjord cruise - a UNESCO World Heritage Site

On a cruise from Flåm to Gudvangen a UNESCO World Heritage, view the snow capped mountains, multiple waterfalls as you sail in an open boat.

Suomenlinna Islands  - a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Sea Fortress speaks volumes of history. It's beautiful and ancient. The fortress is situated on three islands that are interconnected and is an UNESCO world heritage site.

Visit the Tivoli Garden & the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen

Visit the popular Little Mermaid sitting on a rock .

Medieval old town of Tallinn - a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Strolling in the cobbled stone street you will find yourself living in Medieval times. Embracing the rich heritage, you get to experience and explore the vibrant old town.

Visit Vigeland Park the  world's largest sculpture park in Oslo

Enjoy a visit to the incredibly wonderful Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo.


Enjoy awesome sunset from the deck of the Scandinavian Cruises.

Traditional Finnish Sauna experience

End you trip with a traditional Finnish Sauna exoerience at the local SompaSauna in Helsinki.



Is this a private tour or a group tour?

This a group tour with a group size of 15-40 backpackers.

What type of vehicle will we have our transfers in?

Luxury buses are mostly used for our transfers. We ensure our guest’s comfort during their travel.

I am a solo traveler so will I be provided a room on a sharing basis?

Solo travelers will be provided single occupancy rooms.

How do I get the exact price for this tour?

Please contact us and provide us your travel dates and starting destination along with your specific requirements. We will get back to you with your package price.

Is it possible to change the duration of my trip?

You can take part of the trip. Once the trip is confirmed changes are subjected to availability and price difference.

Can I avail just a part of the tour?

We can redesign a shorter tour for you on request.

Is the tour itinerary susceptible to last minute changes, as we need to plan our leaves & make necessary arrangements accordingly?

Please refer to the cancellation policy provided to you when you book the trip.

Is there any refund against cancellation?

Please refer to the cancellation policy provided to you when you book the trip.

How hectic is the pace of the tours?

This trip is filled with a variety of activities. We want to experience utmost of Scandinavian Delights. Some days might be hectic.

Do we have to walk a lot on tours?

You will be exploring the cities on walking tours. Please ensure you pack your best walking shoes.

Will I get drinking water during the tour?

Yes,we drink tap water in Nordics. Its very safe.

At a particular destination, can my relative join me on the tour?

Yes, you need to specify the details of your requirement while booking the trip. This may be subjected to extra charges.

How can I stay in touch with my family and friends on the Tour?

We will provide you a Sim card with unlimited internet connection so that you can stay connected on the go.

Can I get medicine on the Tour?

You will need health insurance for this trip. We will assist you with the health insurance. This will cover most of your emergency medical needs.

Does JeeTravels book our flight tickets?

If you want we will book your air tickets to and fro from your destination. We will also assist you with the visas.

How much baggage is allowed per ticket?

Baggage policies are based on air tickets we book. In general, one check-in luggage is allowed per person weighing up to 23kgs.

Do I need to carry any ID proof while traveling?

You need to carry your passport.

What type of meals are included on tour?

You can let us know about your dietary restrictions and meal preferences. We will crater your taste buds.

Can I cook my own meal on the trip?

Most of our hostels have kitchen, where you can cook your meal everyday. Our tour guide will assist you locate a grocery store.

Do I need to carry Euros for the tour?

You can carry your local currencies and we will help you with exchange on arrival. International cards are accepted everywhere in Finland.

How much foreign exchange can I carry on tour?

All of your tour activities are covered in the tour package. Hence, carry currency only for shopping.

How can I check my payment and billing details?

You will be able to see it under your bookings.

Prior to tour departure is there any information provided?

As you would be experiencing extreme temperatures we will guide you to plan the trip. We will share with you a detailed list of essentials that you need to carry for the trip.

In case of emergency whom can I contact?

Please contact the travel manager assigned to you . He will assist you in case of any concern.

Does the Tour guide assist us on the entire tour?

Throughout the tour our tour guide would be assisting you.

What kind of accomodations are provided?

All hostels provided for accomodation are located near city center. Dorm rooms are provided which have bunk beds and shared washrooms.

Do I get female-only dorm rooms?

Subject to availability, female backpackers will be provided female-only dorm rooms. In case of unavailibility mixed dorm rooms will be provided.

Do you follow Covid-19 specific guidelines?

Yes, we ensure our tours are conducted adhering to all the Covid-19 guidelines in each country. Our tour guides wear masks. Masks and hand satinizers are provided for all guests through out the trip. Hostel rooms and transport vehicles are regularly sanitized. Tarsport vehicles for group tour carry 50% of capacity.



Accommodation in hostels for 5 night, including 2 nights  in Cruise ship

✯ Train fare from Oslo to Flåm

✯ Train fare from Flåm to Bergen

✯ Domestic airfare from Bergen to Stockholm

✯ Cruise ticket from Copenhagen to Oslo

✯ Cruise ticket from Stockholm to Helsinki

✯ Cruise ticket from Helsinki to Tallinn

All transfers are included

Tour guides will accompany you throughout the journey

✯ Entry ticket to Rundetaarn in Copenhagen.

The picturesque train ride from Flåm to Myrdal

Fjord  cruise ride from Flåm to Gudvangen and return in     bus

Funicular ride in Bergen 

✯ Entry ticket to Rock Church in Helsinki

✯ Suomenlinna Islands walking tour and return ferry tickets

✯ SaompaSauna, a traditional Finnish Sauna is included

✯ Entrance ticket to all other sightseeing locations mentioned in the itinerary

✯ Tickets for all activities mentioned in the itinerary

✯ Local sim card with unlimited high-speed internet usage

✯ All taxes and tips are included


Airfare from home country to Copenhagen and from Helsinki to home country 

✯ Visa expenses if applicable

✯ Health insurance if applicable

✯ Extra luggage charges in flights

The difference in airfare if bookings not made at least 3 months in advance

Porterage, laundry, wines & alcoholic beverages, shopping, all items of personal nature and also food and drinks not forming the part of the group menus.

Any extra expenses incurred for changing the route due to any unforeseen circumstances, natural calamities, political disturbances, strikes etc.

Any up gradation in the room category or airline class

Any item not mentioned in the inclusion